Sunday, June 20

Twirling at Sunset

Well, I think I called it... I have been out having so much fun while Dan's been in town, that I really haven't had any time to post!  I have so many great things to share, and I don't think the fun is going to stop!
Amidst all the excitement, I did remember to stop at the store and pick out a Father's Day gift and managed to return home for the special day.  If only I could remember each year, that my dad's favorite thing to do on a day off is to work in the garage, fixing something!  But while he's enjoying his handydad duties, I'm enjoying the time to relax and look forward to what's coming this summer.  According to my calendar, now full with tentative summertime road trips and work parties and boat rides with friends, I will have one weekend a month of good old fashioned R&R for the rest of the summer!  So far this has been one incredible summer... it seems to me that it's only going to get better!

The title of today's post is a product of a beautful shot Dan took a couple weeks ago:

I was thrilled to have Dan take a few outfit pictures for me before we attended a dance with his parents.  The dress code for this event was said to be "beach casual", to which I decided this dress was so perfect for, and the best part?  I got it from the thrift store for less than $5!!  My favorite thing about this dress is the twirl factor.  It swings, it swirls, it twirls, it flows.  I love it!

Dress: Thrifted

Barr-ee Station
(of Duck, NC)

The dance turned out to be a little less exciting than we'd hoped, but luckily it was right there at the oceanfront, so after the important speeches, we left and took a walk on the boardwalk.  I hadn't realized how ritzy that area has become!  Where I used to see people walking along the boardwalk in swimsuits and beach attire, I was now seeing a glitzy nightlife, when did this happen?!  I suppose it was all just around the new Hilton and it's restaurant Catch 31, but still... quite fancy!

I leave you with the favorite of the set between Dan and I.  After all the shots I insisted he take head-to-toe, I made him hang in there for just a few more pictures so I could feature some of the great details of my dress.  The persistance paid off just as a goose family swam by:

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