Saturday, June 26

Teague for Two

Let me take a few minutes to give thanks to some bloggers out there.  I'm talking in particular about Tieka from Selective Potential, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky, Lisa from Lisa's Likes, and Brittany from Finders Keepers.  These ladies serve as tremendous inspiration to me, and while they all post their outfits and have a great sense of fashion, I find them more inspiring in their travels.  It seems like every time I check my Google Reader, one of them is going on an exciting trip or going somewhere fun, even if they don't leave their own zip code!  Goodness, Elizabeth just got her dream-Brave and is embarking on a journey from Alaska to the rest of the country!  How exciting is that?!  Anyway, over the last six months of reading these girls' blogs, I've learned to find the fun things nearby (and even keep dreaming of the places far away!) and enjoy them!

That being said, a few weeks ago, Brittany posted about a trip to the Eastern Shore with her boyfriend.  Not long after I'd read her post, I picked up a Virginia travel magazine that Dan's mom had lying around, and lo and behold, the Eastern Shore was featured.  I made the suggestion to Dan that morning and an hour later we were traveling across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, going on an adventure!

Our first stop was at the first island, where we watched an enormous aircraft carrier go by, complete with little Coast Guard boats tossing around in it's wake to be sure no pirates tried to take over the ship!

The next stop was lunch at Stingrays.  It was raved about in the travel magazine I'd picked up, plus Dan's mom mentioned it, so how could we go wrong eating there?!  Hm.  I think we went on a bad day... we didn't find it all too great.  Oh well, I promised Dan some ice cream to make up for the bad lunch!

After our not-so-special lunch, we kept heading north and stopped to take a short walk on the Cape Charles shore:

We continued North searching for all the antique shops my magazine had promised me.  We found one or two, but after the first shop, we lost interest in seeking out antiques.  Onward on our journey!  The next pit stop was the Assateague Light House:

They'd already closed for the day, so we couldn't actually go up in it, which was a double bummer since we'd been attacked by masses of mosquitos on the short walk to the lighthouse from the car!  I wonder what it looks like on the inside...

We had to fight our way through the mosquitos back to the car, which we practically ran to!  Still further north we drove, and this time we saw several cars parked on the side of the road.  "I wonder what's going on?" I said to Dan.  The closer we got, the more I could see what the hullabaloo was about... be continued...

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