Thursday, June 10

Black & White and Beach All Over

Dan and I have been frequenting the beach since his return home. We figure we might as well go as often as we can now before our little piece of the sea turns black with oil. Before my family came to visit for Memorial Day, I worked hard to get my swimsuit finished. I was determined to have it ready before I went to the beach for the first time all summer…. aaaaand… I did it!

Introducing my first handmade swimsuit:

I apologize for not having multiple pictures, or even one that showed the whole thing. But the truth is, that being my first hand-sewn swimsuit, there are still a few kinks to work out, and getting a flattering picture in it wasn’t so easy! It definitely looks better when dry than it does fresh out of the ocean, I’ll say that! Perhaps I’ll try again though for some good pics, it really is a cute suit! As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, I found the pattern on etsy. I wanted to make a swimsuit, but all the patterns in the store were so… blegh… I couldn’t stand to make one of those! So I ordered a pattern from the 1960s instead!

I definitely want to make another one, especially now that I know what I’m doing (so hopefully it won’t take so long to make it! I won’t be ripping out seams every time I sit down to work on it!!). I’m not sure which pattern to pick from the set though, should I go one-piece or two-piece? And I’m definitely going for a nice bold, bright fabric! I got my vintage, black and white thing out of the way, now it’s time to go totally retro and bring on the color!

There are lots of updates ahead. Dan and I have been taking pictures nonstop since he got here, and I’m having so much fun! What will I ever do when he goes back to Blacksburg?! Check back for some great outfit pictures (taken by Dan) and lots of mementos from our little weekend excursion!

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