Tuesday, April 27

Week by Week

I can't believe it was only a week ago that I was in Blacksburg!  Those beautiful days feel like forever ago!

Dan took this photo of me at the Hahn Horticulture Garden.  He used a super simple trick to get the colors in this vintage-like style!  I won't give away his secret publicly, but you're welcome to email me at kelyn.joy@gmail.com if you want to know!

Dress: Maurices
Jacket: Modcloth.com
Leggings: Express
Shoes: Simple.com

After the Hahn Gardens, we thought we'd go exploring, which is funny since we'd both lived in Blacksburg for over five years - "What more is there to see?!", I thought.  Amazing what things you can miss...

I love him so!

Our exploration brought us to a tunnel we'd never noticed before:

Is graffiti really so bad, as long as it's pretty?

*A small disclaimer: All pictures above were taken by Dan, all subsequent pictures are property of me!

I'm sure Dan thinks it silly, but I love pictures of him taking pictures!  I have so many of them!

Later that same day, we took a short drive to go hunting for morels with one of Dan's coworkers.  Here are a couple photos from said coworker's front yard.  Amazing, right?! 
A picture of part of our bounty is included in my Earth Day post. 

So that was last week.  This week we are supposed to be finding out about a great garage apartment I checked out not too long ago.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed it works out!  And next week will be our little camping adventure!  It's strange how I feel like my life has kicked into overdrive all of a sudden, I haven't even had time to work on my sewing lately!  Hopefully once the summer comes I'll have a little more time to relax!

Friday, April 23

Little Hacienda Girl

Fridays seem to be my dress-up day lately!  During the last few weeks, I've planned to go shopping after work, so I get home, put on a fun outfit, and then try to motivate myself to actually get out of the house and show off!  It usually turns out that I'll end up showing off to my parents and staying in to watch a movie.  Today's excuse to dress up was an invitation out to 50-cent-drink-night in Virginia Beach, but, as usual, by the time I should be leaving to get there, I've lost interest in driving 30 minutes for a beer!  Instead of showing off to just my parents though, my sister and her two daughters have had the pleasure of checking out my outfit!  The first thing my nieces asked me was if I was playing dress-up, and then proceeded to tell me I looked like I should be in a fashion show because my earrings matched my dress.  I love the way they think!

As for me, I think I picked up a little spanish vibe for my outfit.  Maybe it's the warm weather, but I was in the mood for something with a little more "kick" to it today...

Even though it kinda washed out my face, I really liked how the shadow created the slanted line along our brick wall!

T-shirt: Walmart
Dress: Target
Belt: thrifted
Jewelry: Forever 21

Aaah!  My farmer's tan is showing!  But look, the clematis vine is coming in nicely!

Won't be too long until these beauties are covering the handrail!

My weekend is just around the corner now... what ever shall I do with all my time?!  Finish sewing my purse, start sewing my swimsuit (I can't wait to show you guys my pattern and fabrics!!), go to the park, visit the Farmer's Market?  So many decisions!  Maybe I'll get super motivated and do it all!!

Thursday, April 22

A Blacksburg Toast, To Earth

Let's hear it for the Earth!  Take a moment to recognize all the beauties our little planet has.  Plant a seed, hug a tree, or just appreciate what glorious nature houses our 6.5 billion-strong population!  I raise my glass to you, dear Earth.  I raise it for all the wonderful things you've given me...

For turning a thousand shades of green in the spring:

For setting loose your wildflowers:

For your vast rolling hills and blue mountains:

For sprouting forth new life:

For producing nourishment for my body:

And for providing a home for all your inhabitants, whether on land, water, or sky:

Cheers, to Mother Earth, who has given us a world of beauty!  Shall every day be Earth Day!

*In reference to the title, I would like to note that the pictures in tonight's post were all taken on my recent trip to Blacksburg.  However, being Earth Day, I would like to let our planet have it's day to be celebrated, and keep the less naturely photos for another day!

Tuesday, April 20

And 300 Back

Was it all just a wonderful dream?

Memories of this most recent trip to Blacksburg coming soon!

Saturday, April 17

300 Miles

I've been waiting forever to turn to this page in my planner!

It won't be long til I'm back in Hokie-town for some fooseball, Head-Dunking Day festivities, and perhaps a little quality time with my coffee mug at Mill Mountain or Bollos! 

Oh yeah, and I suppose it'll be nice to see that guy I've been crushing on for the past few years!!

Friday, April 16

Remembering Florida

Sometimes I miss the days when Dan lived in Florida...

..when my hair was long and golden...

...and then chopped off real short!

I miss leaving Paint creations on his desktop to find when he got home from work!

Making delicious dinners in his apartment...

...and sharing it with friends for Thanksgiving!

I miss having a tent in the living room...

...and enjoying a hotel-free Spring Break!

And to think...
...we might just do it all over again in Virginia!

Tuesday, April 13

Excitement Overload!

Wow!  What a fun week, and it's only Tuesday!!

On Sunday, I went to Northwest River Park with my friend and fellow blogger, Emily.  It was so fun catching up and finally getting to take a walk through the park with someone besides my imaginary friends!  We talked about many great things, like Land Before Time and old roommates.  It's funny how many similarities we share.  One thing I really hope I get to know is her cooking!  Her blog is filled with delicious meals that make me crave healthy eating (thanks, Emily!).  My favorite part about it?  She's like me... she's not someone who has money to just throw around on "being green" because it's the cool thing to do, instead she has to use her money wisely to make the best choices for her diet.  Her blog is proof that I can do the same on my wimpy income!

How I managed to get a picture of the Taxodiums, but not my outfit, is beyond me!

Why haven't I visited Northwest River Park more often??

So then on Monday, my beloved day off, I had a busy day planned.  I woke up to find my niece, Samantha, in the kitchen doing homework (oh yeah, I did say I would watch her today, didn't I?!). As I fixed my breakfast and helped her finish her homework, we discussed the plans for the day.  I had an appointment to see an apartment in Virginia Beach in the morning, so we decided to go visit the gardens afterwards.  We packed a "fruit-full" picnic lunch and headed off.  The tour of the apartment went very well, both of us LOVED it!  Sami gave her nod of approval and we walked off to the park down the street, where she offered to take my outfit picture...
...let me insert a funny story here: a few weeks ago, I was outside taking pictures of my outfit, and Sami came out to see what I was doing.  Since my camera is small, and I had it on my tiny little tripod, sitting in the bed of the truck in the driveway, she really couldn't tell what I was doing!  She was convinced I was playing a game outside by myself.  I had to show her the camera to have her believe otherwise, but even then, she was sure I was playing a game!  I often wonder if other style bloggers have this problem...
Ok, back to the real story!  So she offered to take my outfit picture in the park:

Pretty good photography for an 8-year-old, huh?  Makes me proud!

After our little photo shoot, we walked back down the beach to my car and drove off to NBG.  We had so much fun at the gardens!  I especially enjoyed being there as visitor rather than an employee!  Normally I'm driving around in my golf-cart, flying by things so fast I don't even notice a lot of the things popping up out of the soil.  I really liked being able to explore the Children's Garden a little more!  Sami and I discovered a REALLY fun bridge, too!  We spent a good 20-minutes playing on this one, little 3-foot bridge before moving on.  We walked around the arboretum and smelled the sweet wisteria, I took a few more pictures of the Wildflower Meadow (keep an eye out for these pics, folks!  I'm attempting weekly photos to capture the gradual growth of the wildflowers from ankle-height to towering-above-your-head height!), we found a table in the Enchanted Forest to eat our picnic on, and then we stumbled on some gorgeous flowering Kwanzan Cherries!  Samantha loves climbing trees, so I snapped a few of her hanging from the beautiful limbs:

We also went up into the Nato Tower, which I haven't done in a long time!

Well, this is actually not in the tower, but it's close enough!

Then just before we got in the car to leave, we ran up on the airport berm and watched a plane take off!  I feel like that spot is one of the hidden treasures of the gardens.  While most of the time the airplanes are a big nuisance with all their noise (for those who don't know, the airport is located right nextdoor to the gardens!), it sure is fun to go up on the hill and watch them land and take off!

On Thursday I get to go biking around the gardens with my friend Jessica, then on Sunday I pack up and leave for Blacksburg!  I have a feeling these next few weeks (months, even!) are going to be kicking into overdrive!  So many fun things happen when the weather warms up, don't you think?!

Wednesday, April 7

Pollen Parade

With aphids threatening all our beautiful plants, we released a bunch of ladybugs into the greenhouse yesterday:

All those little yellow things with legs (if you can see them) are aphids!!

I wanted a picture of the ladybugs totally devouring aphids... but I guess they're just like everyone else when it comes to getting their picture taken mid-chew.  I'll just have to try the surprise attack next time!

After work I thought I'd see what this bike night thing was all about at NBG.  My dad and I strategically placed my new bike rack on my car (thanks, Dad!) the night before so I'd be all set to hop on my bike at 4pm and ride around the gardens!  I loved being able to do that!  I made way too many pic-stops though:

I think I took about 15 photos of this spot from several different angles!  So pretty!

A week ago, I couldn't resist making a detour to pass by this spot.  With Daffodils in full bloom and Bradford Pear blossoms still holding tight to the branches, this was one of the most picturesque spots at NBG.  I'm so bummed I didn't make it in time to get the photo!

I've had this picture in my mind since they set the tables out a couple weeks ago!

Complain all you want about the pollen making your car dirty...

...I think it's beautiful!

Wilty Daffodil vs Happy Daffodil

The Bradford Pear allay, again, looked better a week ago, but I still think it's picture-worthy!

Bike Nights at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4pm-7pm.  I absolutely recommend it!

Sunday, April 4

Grandmother's Pretty Things

Every year for Easter, my family drives to Lumberton, NC to visit my Grandmother.  I've always loved going there to see her, and this year was certainly no exception!  Back in the day, her house would be filled with 12 grandchildren all under the age of 10 - talk about chaos!  But we all loved seeing each other and walking to the park to play on the merry-go-round (the older cousins would spin it as fast as they could, and us youger cousins would pretend we were on a train, traveling to far off places... like Disneyworld!).   As the years went by, and cousins started college and did real traveling to far off places, fewer and fewer cousins were able to make it to Lumberton for Easter.  This year, it was down to myself and two others.  It was a little sad and a little lonely, but I was grateful for the time I got to spend with the cousins I got to spend it with!
The emptier house also gave me a chance to actually notice lots of Grandmother's Pretty Little Things:

I told Grandmother that I would be happy to take those pink goblets off her hands any time!  She told me she hoped I hadn't taken any pictures of her shelf since she didn't have it arranged in a way she liked it yet...

Grandmother found this "sewing chair" at a church yard sale.  I think the greenness of it is wonderful.

"What'd you take a picture of that old tin for?!"  -Grandmother
I think it's beautiful.

Just one of the many things on the wall in the "pink room" which I love!

Pretty pink bedspread and pillows.. in the pink room!

Even the luggage stand at the foot of the bed was pretty!

Pretty floral curtains in the pink room.  I suppose if I were an old lady going on 90, I would redecorate a room in my house to be all pink and floral and frilly, too!

It just seemed so perfect when I walked by this room.

The lattice on the pagoda we built for her creates a gorgeous lace-like shadow in the afternoon!

Isn't my granddad a dreamboat?!  I love how my grandmother still talks about him all the time, they were so in love!

More from the weekend at Grandmother's to come!
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