Wednesday, January 25


Beach Day

Beach Day by kelynjoy

Go ahead and laugh.  I know it's still January.  When I walked into the stores today and saw all the bikinis on the racks, my initial reaction was the usual comment to myself, "I can't believe they put these out so early."  But, as usual, I was compelled to try a few on.
In the fitting room, with my underwear tucked up under the bikini bottoms, I checked out my bod.  It'd been a while since I took a good look at myself in a bikini (and by a while I mean since the summer).  Back in August, I'd just begun training for the Wicked 10k after having taken the summer off from running.  I hadn't quite been able to work off the mini beer belly I'd acquired during my lazy summer, so the last memory of me in a swimsuit is a bit of a flabby one.
Last month I signed up for the Shamrock Half Marathon.  I was doing great training, and made it all the way through an 8-mile run.  Then I got lazy.  It's been about a week and a half since I've gone out for a run.  The point of all this, is that while in the fitting room, I was able to notice the changes in my body from the training I'd been doing.  It made me happy to see my belly look less pudgy and see that my butt could actually fill in the bottoms I'd put on.  It also made me realize I definitely can't stop training now.  Sure, I've been lazy and obviously I'm not going to STOP training, but my 5 minutes in the fitting room was all I needed to make me WANT to run again, and KEEP running.
I bought the bikini.  By the time my little revelation had passed, the bikini deserved it.  It did it's job.  I understand now why stores put swimwear out so early (Okay, okay, the motivation and well-being of the general public is probably NOT the reason, but we can pretend.).  I will no longer skoff at the racks of bikinis in January, or at the people looking at them.

I bought a few things to wear with my new bikini when the weather warms up.  I  had  have Edie Sedgwick on the brain.  While I didn't buy those pieces above, I did buy a navy striped bikini, a pair of sunglasses, and a set of bangles.  I plan to rock them Edie style once summer rolls around.

Edie Sedgwick

I was going to wait til next summer to cut all my hair off again, but now I think it's impossible.

Edie Sedgwick has put me in a trance.  I need her haircut.  I need her makeup.  I need bikinis with large earrings and necklaces.  I need armbands.
Hold the anorexia, drug/alcohol abuse, and psycho-ness.

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