Sunday, February 26

seaside cottage

when i'm older, say 50 something, i hope to have one of those secluded seaside cottages you see in the movies.  i want to wrap a blanket around my shoulders and sit and watch the water on the sand.  i want my cottage to have no tv, but one small radio, and a wall full of books.  i want to sit on the covered porch and watch the storm roll in.  i want to hang my hat outside by the door....

...amazing what one picture can invoke.  i thank {frolic!} for this.

Thursday, February 16

just breathe

is there nothing more incredible than the sky?

more at fan the fire.  it's hypnotizing.
also... DSF has captured a few moments here and here
i love that nature is that cool

bundling up in bed

thank you Cup of Jo for posting this most awesome cartoon by Lizzy Stewart.  i am exactly the same way when i go to bed at night, right down to the pants tucked into super-thick socks ...

Tuesday, February 14

so right

You Grow Girl posted a list of Valentine's gifts for gardeners.  I want all of it.  Even the old school Brooklyn Botanic Garden t-shirt...

Vintage BBG Tee
Wearable Planter Jewelry

Gardening Linocut

skipping pinterest

 It's only coincidence that I post this on Valentine's Day.  I just came across these photos from a wedding outside Chicago on one of my more guilty pleasures, Project Wedding Blog.  
I'm not such a fan of the umbrella, and I don't particularly love the big blue ribbon, but there are two elements in these photos that I really think are cool.

1.  The moss-covered letters.  Okay, so I think the letters are a little corny, but I have to say I would want to moss-cover something on my own big day!  Maybe the little pillow that the rings are presented on...

2.  I absolutely love the dark seed heads in her bouquet.  Hadn't seen that before in a wedding arrangement, and I'm totally into it.  Mark my words, you will see it in mine.
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