Wednesday, April 7

Pollen Parade

With aphids threatening all our beautiful plants, we released a bunch of ladybugs into the greenhouse yesterday:

All those little yellow things with legs (if you can see them) are aphids!!

I wanted a picture of the ladybugs totally devouring aphids... but I guess they're just like everyone else when it comes to getting their picture taken mid-chew.  I'll just have to try the surprise attack next time!

After work I thought I'd see what this bike night thing was all about at NBG.  My dad and I strategically placed my new bike rack on my car (thanks, Dad!) the night before so I'd be all set to hop on my bike at 4pm and ride around the gardens!  I loved being able to do that!  I made way too many pic-stops though:

I think I took about 15 photos of this spot from several different angles!  So pretty!

A week ago, I couldn't resist making a detour to pass by this spot.  With Daffodils in full bloom and Bradford Pear blossoms still holding tight to the branches, this was one of the most picturesque spots at NBG.  I'm so bummed I didn't make it in time to get the photo!

I've had this picture in my mind since they set the tables out a couple weeks ago!

Complain all you want about the pollen making your car dirty...

...I think it's beautiful!

Wilty Daffodil vs Happy Daffodil

The Bradford Pear allay, again, looked better a week ago, but I still think it's picture-worthy!

Bike Nights at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4pm-7pm.  I absolutely recommend it!

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