Sunday, April 4

Grandmother's Pretty Things

Every year for Easter, my family drives to Lumberton, NC to visit my Grandmother.  I've always loved going there to see her, and this year was certainly no exception!  Back in the day, her house would be filled with 12 grandchildren all under the age of 10 - talk about chaos!  But we all loved seeing each other and walking to the park to play on the merry-go-round (the older cousins would spin it as fast as they could, and us youger cousins would pretend we were on a train, traveling to far off places... like Disneyworld!).   As the years went by, and cousins started college and did real traveling to far off places, fewer and fewer cousins were able to make it to Lumberton for Easter.  This year, it was down to myself and two others.  It was a little sad and a little lonely, but I was grateful for the time I got to spend with the cousins I got to spend it with!
The emptier house also gave me a chance to actually notice lots of Grandmother's Pretty Little Things:

I told Grandmother that I would be happy to take those pink goblets off her hands any time!  She told me she hoped I hadn't taken any pictures of her shelf since she didn't have it arranged in a way she liked it yet...

Grandmother found this "sewing chair" at a church yard sale.  I think the greenness of it is wonderful.

"What'd you take a picture of that old tin for?!"  -Grandmother
I think it's beautiful.

Just one of the many things on the wall in the "pink room" which I love!

Pretty pink bedspread and pillows.. in the pink room!

Even the luggage stand at the foot of the bed was pretty!

Pretty floral curtains in the pink room.  I suppose if I were an old lady going on 90, I would redecorate a room in my house to be all pink and floral and frilly, too!

It just seemed so perfect when I walked by this room.

The lattice on the pagoda we built for her creates a gorgeous lace-like shadow in the afternoon!

Isn't my granddad a dreamboat?!  I love how my grandmother still talks about him all the time, they were so in love!

More from the weekend at Grandmother's to come!

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