Thursday, April 22

A Blacksburg Toast, To Earth

Let's hear it for the Earth!  Take a moment to recognize all the beauties our little planet has.  Plant a seed, hug a tree, or just appreciate what glorious nature houses our 6.5 billion-strong population!  I raise my glass to you, dear Earth.  I raise it for all the wonderful things you've given me...

For turning a thousand shades of green in the spring:

For setting loose your wildflowers:

For your vast rolling hills and blue mountains:

For sprouting forth new life:

For producing nourishment for my body:

And for providing a home for all your inhabitants, whether on land, water, or sky:

Cheers, to Mother Earth, who has given us a world of beauty!  Shall every day be Earth Day!

*In reference to the title, I would like to note that the pictures in tonight's post were all taken on my recent trip to Blacksburg.  However, being Earth Day, I would like to let our planet have it's day to be celebrated, and keep the less naturely photos for another day!

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