Friday, April 23

Little Hacienda Girl

Fridays seem to be my dress-up day lately!  During the last few weeks, I've planned to go shopping after work, so I get home, put on a fun outfit, and then try to motivate myself to actually get out of the house and show off!  It usually turns out that I'll end up showing off to my parents and staying in to watch a movie.  Today's excuse to dress up was an invitation out to 50-cent-drink-night in Virginia Beach, but, as usual, by the time I should be leaving to get there, I've lost interest in driving 30 minutes for a beer!  Instead of showing off to just my parents though, my sister and her two daughters have had the pleasure of checking out my outfit!  The first thing my nieces asked me was if I was playing dress-up, and then proceeded to tell me I looked like I should be in a fashion show because my earrings matched my dress.  I love the way they think!

As for me, I think I picked up a little spanish vibe for my outfit.  Maybe it's the warm weather, but I was in the mood for something with a little more "kick" to it today...

Even though it kinda washed out my face, I really liked how the shadow created the slanted line along our brick wall!

T-shirt: Walmart
Dress: Target
Belt: thrifted
Jewelry: Forever 21

Aaah!  My farmer's tan is showing!  But look, the clematis vine is coming in nicely!

Won't be too long until these beauties are covering the handrail!

My weekend is just around the corner now... what ever shall I do with all my time?!  Finish sewing my purse, start sewing my swimsuit (I can't wait to show you guys my pattern and fabrics!!), go to the park, visit the Farmer's Market?  So many decisions!  Maybe I'll get super motivated and do it all!!

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