Monday, May 3

A Trip to Gloucester

The Horticulture Staff at my work were invited to go on a field trip to Gloucester, VA and tour some beautiful home gardens.  Of the three properties we visited, I enjoyed the third the most.  The owner amazed me with her whimsical and imaginitive gardens and garden decorations, not to mention over 150 birdhouses!  Take a look at some of my favorite images captured from this home:

an arrow on a tree shows you the way into a "secret" garden

a birdhouse on springs... I love it!

what a clever way to hide the electric box!

...around to the front of the house

...and to the side

...the back patio

the truest blue I've ever seen, and no, those purple flecks in these delphinium flowers are not a result of camera or photoshop issues... totally amazing, right?!

if you look carefully, in the background on the right you can see a small screen house...
...what I wouldn't give to have this!!

I have so many more pictures to share, if you guys want to see more, please let me know!  I have many close-ups with the flowers and lots more garden statues and birdhouses!  I'm incredibly glad I got to go on this trip.  It really gives me something to strive for, although, a garden like this would take at least 20 years to get going... guess I better start working now!  If I'm lucky, I'll have the garden of my dreams (like this one) before I get a hip replacement and false teeth!

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