Wednesday, May 19

Green Thumbs

My money-spending addiction came into action today...

In addition to lots of pretty new spring and summer clothes, I spent $35 on new nail polish!

I generally stick with the typical pinks and reds when I do my nails, and therefore have about 10 bottles of pink that all are just slightly different.  When my nieces got their nails done last week, I noticed one got a cool gold color, so I figured, if she's daring enough to go out on a limb and get a different color, so will I!  And now, I have a whole rainbow of colors to choose from!  I even let myself go so far out on the limb as to buy a dark blue (while it's officially called Dark & Stormy, I prefer to call it Mermaid Blue since it looks like the color I'd imagine a mermaids tail would be), which I tried out on my toes already.  So far I'm not impressed with it, but perhaps a little sunshine on my toes will change my mind!

A little side note:  I talked to my sister a little about nail polish last week, and apparently it's the trend in high school for the students to be painting their fingers all pretty colors and leaving the ring finger black, or having only the ring finger painted (again, in black) and every other finger left bare.  I find this trend a little wierd...

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