Wednesday, March 3

blue skies

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer."
-Albert Camus

The above quote is actually posted in a small bathroom where I work.  Before I moved into the greenhouse, I used said bathroom all the time, and, sorry to say it Albert, I contemplated these words often while I peed.  Maybe I never noticed the "me" in the quote, or maybe my online source is different than the paper hanging in the bathroom, but I never interpreted it as a personal feeling or experience.  Instead, I always pictured summertime perennials blossoming out of the ground, hands on hips, looking down at the old, brown, dead wintertime debris saying "Hah!!  I told you I'd be back!!"
And every time, just as I'm lathering soap into my hands, I reread the first part of the quote "In the depths of winter..." giving me just enough time to dry my hands and realize summertime flowers wouldn't be popping up out of the ground in the depths of winter.  So I would always leave the bathroom trying to re-interpret the quote before I became too distraced...

My outfit on Monday made me think of this quote more so because of my usual interpretation.  Sure, the temperature hadn't even made it to the 50's yet, but the bright, sunny sky can still hover over all the hibernating gardens and say "I'm still here!  I'm still going!  Look at me!! Feel my sun's warmth!"
Alright, so I still have to wear warm clothes, but by george, I'm going to pull my summertime out and force it upon my wintertime!!

If you look closely, you might be able to see the purple coming through the grey of my tights!  But if you really can't see it.. maybe this will help:

It felt so good to have the sun shine on my cheeks:

And just to show off, the sky painted a picture in shadows on the driveway.  I wanted to reach out and touch it:

How do you interpret Albert Camus' quote?


  1. as i grow old into age, i can still feel as if i were a child

  2. "What is Life but the continual resolution of the antimony of the diverse by the spasm of Love under Will, that is, by the constantly explosive, the orgiastic, perception of Truth, the dissolution of dividuality in one radiant star of Truth that ever revolveth, and goeth, and filleth the Heavens with Light?"

    —Aleister Crowley


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