Tuesday, February 23

sew happy

I'm on a roll with the posts lately!  Yay!

The weatherman told me it was going to be sunny today, but it turns out he lied, and I got stuck with more clouds.  So when I started to get dressed this morning, I thought about wearing a black and grey ensemble, but once I put it on it just depressed me more!  That's when I noticed the skirt I bought at the Blacksburg thrift store last weekend, and thought I'd pull it out and see what I could do with it.  This is what came of it:

Sweater: Old Navy ($?)
Vest: Charlotte Russe ($?)
Necklace: gift
Belt: American Eagle ($?)
Skirt: B.Moss via Thrift ($4)
Tights: Dillard's ($5)
Shoes: Payless ($8)
I love when I can wear things old enough that I don't remember how much I paid for them...

If the green sweater wasn't enough to make me think of lush "lay-in-it" grass of the spring, I spent a long time at the fabric store picking out the perfect summertime fabric for a new sewing project I'm starting!  And, true to my style, I couldn't leave the store with just one pattern and one fabric - I got TWO patterns, and THREE fabrics!!
Once the sun comes back out from behind the clouds and warms the air, I'll be ready with these:

Any guesses as to what summertime accessories I intend to make with these gorgeous patterns?!  Keep a look-out over the next couple weeks for the finished products!

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