Thursday, February 18

A mid-morning affair

It started out to be a fairly slow day at the greenhouse.  The main project of the day was to cut back petunias and use the cuttings to create new plants.  Each cutting was to be trimmed of flowers, flower buds, and excess leaves (to help promote root formation as opposed to bigger flowers and leaves).  It only took a couple hours of petunia-trimming for the following events to progress...

One bucket full of petunias, waiting to be turned into cuttings!

After trimming back 4 different cultivars of petunias, my mess became quite colorful!

Take a second look and you might find, like I did, that my mess was no mess at all...

...but it was, in fact, a mid-morning ball!

A gentleman bows and a lady curtsies to start the dance

Bystanders watch the dancers from the balcony

A shy fellow peeks out from behind the stairs to catch a glimpse of the one he secretly adores

The belle of the ball blushes as this young man reaches to kiss her hand

A sensual dance between two lovers causes a stir among the onlooking crowd

Hands in pockets and staring at his shoes, this poor fellow wishes he'd asked her sooner if she would be his date

Girlfriends chatter while waiting to be asked for a dance

Leaning against the wall, he's wearing his shades and flipping a quarter - eyeing the girl he plans to bring home tonight

A couple runs off into the night, looking for a quieter place to be alone.  She lets out a shiver, and he swings his coat onto her shoulders.

Sadly, the ball only lasted until noon, at which time everyone was thrown into the compost bucket and I went to lunch.

This is my tribute to A Beautiful Mess and Color Me Katie, who have both been inspirations for creativity and fun!

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