Monday, March 29

Rain Day

It's been a solid sixteen days since my last post, and let me tell you, it feels good to be back in the blogging game (at least for today!).  The last two weeks have been so full, I just don't know how I got anything done!  After Dan's visit, my aunt and uncle came into town, then came a trip of my own up to Richmond to visit some friends (SUCH a blast!).  This past weekend was my sister's birthday, and I was lucky enough to reap the benefits of her wanting a day of pampering at the spa!  Somehow we managed to make it the whole birthday without taking any pictures.  So FINALLY after two weeks, I've managed to cross off most everything on my backed-up To-Do list, and even made a little time to take some outfit pictures!

The first thunderstorm of the season started last night.  I love waking up in the night to hear thunder and squint my eyes open to watch for the flashes of lightning.  It was especially nice to wake up to today, since I knew I had plenty of things I wanted to get done, and, as much as I love sunny days, I can do so much more when it's raining! 
After a few hours of making phone calls, doing laundry, putting away all those winter clothes that have been piled on my floor since I moved them out of my closet, and doing an impromptu bathroom-drawer cleanup, I felt like I deserved a nice little break.  I got my latest library book and got cozy in the sunroom so I could hear the rain coming down:

I really love the pear tree in the background - I don't want it to turn green just yet!

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  1. You should wear more crazy colored tights to make up for the fact that I'm too awkward to pull them off.


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