Saturday, March 13

follow that fish

I can't begin to describe how wonderful this past week has been!  Dan came to visit, so instead of my usual Monday-Tuesday weekend, I took Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday off.  We managed to go see Alice in Wonderland, check out a few (smelly) apartments, drive down to the Outer Banks, visit some old friends, and take a few long walks on the beach - all before I had to be back at work on Friday!
While we were in the Outer Banks, we went to the Elizabethan Gardens.  It was such a great day for it, too!  It was my first warm day of the year, and I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend it:

I set my camera on a self-timer and set it to take 3 consecutive pictures.  The first pic (the one in color) actually turned out to be a candid shot!  Funny what a camera can catch when you don't realize it's snapping pictures yet...
For the second picture, I couldn't let myself crop out the beautiful brick pathway!  I think changing to B&W really made it stand out more too.

Once we left the gardens, we thought we'd stop by the aquarium.  Lucky for us, a little construction gave us a discounted admission!  It was refreshing to be in the aquarium practically alone, I can't recall the last time that's happened.  I loved being able to stand with my nose pressed against the glass like a little kid, and then NOT have a little kid shove in front of me to do the same!
I wish the sharks didn't swim so fast... I wanted to get a picture of his big sea-green eyes!

And the prize picture of the week (in my opinion at least!), goes to Dan, who captured this mesmerizing moment in time:

I love that you can see all the trails from the sharks and fish!

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