Saturday, July 17

The Endless Summer

Like I said before, with summer in full swing, I have lots to blog about, but hardly any time to do it!  Amazingly, my camera is backed up with pictures from a month ago that I still haven't transferred to the computer!  That never happens!  This is my first Saturday in a long time that I haven't been rushing to do something.  Last night I watched one of my queued movies on Hulu (Vanity Fair) and stuck some curlers in my hair, then I practiced the art of the fortune teller head wrap using a long scarf.  This morning I woke up with a big, fluffy, poodle-head and decided I had to put on a fun outfit and go out shopping since it's been over a month since I've really gone shopping!
Once I was all set I glanced in the mirror and decided I really had to take an outfit picture, cuz the curls are just too fun!  So here we are, in a dress you've seen before, but I absolutely love...

dress: Barr-ee Station (Duck, NC)
shoes: Victoria's Secret catalogue
necklace: American Eagle (years ago!)

On the way: a wedding and a road trip!

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