Sunday, January 31

Snow Day

As I've just begun my new job in the greenhouse, my boss and I have been struggling to shift my schedule from the standard Monday through Friday to Thursday through Monday.  This weekend was no exception to our struggles!  The snow storm that blew through on Friday night and Saturday kept me from working this weekend, which means I'm back to the drawing board to work out a 40 hour week that includes weekends.  On the up side, I had plenty of time to enjoy the snow... and all that comes with it!
It was quite the blizzardy morning... this scene, outside the kitchen window, greeted me for breakfast.

I'm not sure what plant this is, but I thought it looked super-fun covered in snow!

View from the top..

By 2pm, the birdfeeders were empty!  I think we fed every bird in town!
But my favorite part was watching as the birds waited their turn on the neighboring Chinese Elm!

I saw a photo by Joe Leavenworth and had to try this out for myself!  Honestly, I like his better...

Yeah, yeah... they say snow is nature's best insulator... but I have to say it!  Poor daffodils!

I always thought our back-door doorbell had character.  And the snow totally proves is!

Haha, and my favorite pic of the day... "Give me hot cocoa!!!"

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