Friday, January 29

flowers and bows

After three months, I've finally finished my first thrift renovation!

Shirt: Victoria's Secret (too old to remember)
Skirt: Thrift ($5)
Tights: Kohl's ($5)
Shoes: ModCloth ($35)
Necklace: Homebody ($8)
I bought this skirt back in October at a thrift store in Blacksburg, VA.  Back then, it was a full length "teacher skirt" - I brought it home and cut it up above my knees and attempted a hem that would almost give it that bubble skirt look, then i used leftover material from the lining to wrap around my waist and tie into a bow!  I like how many subtle colors there are in the flowers that I can play with.  It feels like a garden party... in skirt form!  As for the shoes, I love them!  I just received them in the mail the other day and absolutely adore them!

As proud as I am of reinventing this skirt, I know I still have a lot of learning to do when it comes to sewing!  My mom actually laughed when she saw my hem job!  Soooo, I decided to sign up for a sewing class and try to improve!  In addition to recreating some great thrift finds, I have a nice collection of vintage sewing patterns that I would REALLY love to try out!

Aside from what I'm wearing... today is another beautiful blue day!  But from what the weatherman says, it may not last long.  We're supposed to get snow tonight and all day tomorrow - 8-12 inches he says!!  Since this area RARELY gets snow, I highly doubt we'll get a whole foot.  My guess, we'll see maybe 3 or 4.  Six inches tops.  Even still, that's a lot more than we normally see here!  But it makes me wonder, will the migratory birds notice?  Do they pass through my back yard because they know they won't run into super cold weather?  Will they be surprised?

When I stepped outside, I thought it was spring because I heard so many birds!  Our feeders are overwhelmed these days - they usually get maybe a few birds and an occasional squirrel!

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