Wednesday, January 27

color me kelyn

Shirt: TjMaxx ($8)
Sweater: TjMaxx ($12)
Bracelet: Thrift ($3)
Belt: El Salvador (?)
Jeans: Charlotte Russe ($15)
Shoes: DSW ($15)

This week has been a little different than most at work.  For one, rather than going to the gardens, we're attending the Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course by the Virginia Horticultural Foundation.  So instead of being in a greenhouse all week, I've had the opportunity to attend some really cool, interesting classes.  The other different part about this week is that, since I'm not in the gardens, I've gotten to wear my normal clothes!  Above is today's ensemble - a little dressed down compared to the last two days.  When I saw the beautiful blue sky this morning, I decided I couldn't let myself wear something dark and gloomy!  And what resulted was some of the brightest parts of my wardrobe coming together!  I'm so in love with this bracelet I found at the thrift store in Blacksburg a few months ago.  Every time I wear it I daydream about where and who it came from...

On Sunday I went in to work to help get things ready for a class this week (my boss taught a propagation course) and couldn't help but take my camera around the gardens a little bit since it was 60 degrees and sunny out!!  I think the most gorgeous thing in the garden right now is the Japanese Apricot tree (Prunus mume).  It's so gorgeous, I just had to share it with you! Enjoy:

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