Monday, March 12

two grand too grand.

the results are in.

after several weeks of seeing dresses i could kill for pop up on the modcloth blogroll, i finally decided to sit down and make my wishlist.

if i bought everything on my list, i'd be out $2175.

(does this mean i can justify buying $200 worth of dresses because "I only bought 10% of what i wanted!!"??)

although, i really didn't show much discretion in my choices, as i usually would.

for example:

Local Muse Dress
Maritime Moxie Dress

the two of these dresses, combined, are just shy of $450.  awesome.

but, that's what wishlists are for, right?  to keep a list of things you wish you could afford?

on the bright side, these are the only items on the wishlist that top $100.  so there is hope that i may, one day soon, be able to buy myself a couple dresses (much more affordable than these!).

oh, and by the way, everything on my list was chosen with my new haircut in mind.  doesn't matter if it would be a good shape on my body.  the hair and the dress will move mountains together. i just know it.

if you want to contribute to the "Buy Kelyn Thirty New Dresses From the Same Website Fund", leave a comment below.  i'll be sure to get back to you.  instantly.  and make you cookies in hopes that you'll contribute more.

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