Saturday, March 3

blame it on the rain

Minna Sisko
woke up to a drizzly, but warm, morning.  one of the days i wish i had a covered porch so i could sit out and listen to the sounds of a rainy day.
but with no covered porch, i just open the back door and press my face up against the screen window once in a while.  it'll do til i get the real deal.

generally after laying on the couch a while, watching old movies, i get the urge to do something creative.  i want to bake bread.  i want to paint a pretty picture.  i want to knit a scarf.  make something out of fancy paper.
maybe it's my way of creating something sunny out of such a dreary day.  or maybe it's just boredom.

either way.  i usually don't do it.  the rain makes me too lazy...

but maybe today will be different?

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